When snowboarding was first introduced into China, the sport and the culture was quickly accepted and the trend soon started to emerge. Seeing the market growing faster and larger, the young audience couldn’t just enjoy the sport in the state that it was in.

Therefore, we felt the desire to bring more worldwide known brands with high quality to the Chinese snowboarding market. In the beginning we started as a small scale company known as Bliss Sports and eventually became one of the major players of the Chinese market. This is how AURIC was established in 2010.

Distributing System

We have years of consistent and ongoing business relationships with the most famous ski resorts located in China which includes Beijing, Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun, Jilin, Dalian, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang. We directly distribute the products to the ski resorts to purchase for renting or to the retail stores located there.

Marketing Strategy

We have sponsored some of the most outstanding new stars and supported them to take part in important competitions held in China. We believe that their stunning performance will not only wow the people, but also make people curious about what kind of great gear they are using.


We have worked with China’s No.1 snowboard magazine for 3 years and constantly placed ads in the publication. We work with some of the most outstanding snowboard clubs in China, and constantly sponsor the events they hold.


When we first started our business there was only a small majority that knew about snowboarding.

As this amazing sport and culture becomes more and more popular in China, we hope to bring the world’s best brands and products into China.

We are an independent group with a team of well-trained and dedicated people who work to win. With years of experience and great passion, we believe we can realize our goal to make YOUR BRAND and AURIC the No.1 in China.